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ATV riding essentials

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What do you wear on an ATV?

Although you might not need gear explicitly designed for ATV riders, you should have all the essentials ready before riding. To provide you with adequate protection, this can include:

  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Riding boots
  • Riding pants

Just like riding a motorcycle, you need the right gear to protect you, and these may or may not be required by law, depending on your local policy. Having the right equipment will help you prevent many accidents or injuries.

Depending on the season, you would wear different gear. For example, we recommend that you wear heated clothing, or get handlebar muffs to keep you warm and help in winter. We also recommend wearing waterproof clothing to protect from all-weather situations.

When you decide to shop for ATV riding gear, you must ensure that the clothing is durable and waterproof. For example, if you were to purchase a jacket, make sure that it is impervious to protect you from bad weather. When purchasing riding boots, look for a durable material and boots with a secure grip to not bother you while riding.

Now that you’ve picked your gear, it is time to finalize your purchase with a helmet! It is an essential gear because it protects the most vulnerable part of your body in case of a rollover. Therefore, to prevent serious injuries, we recommend that you invest in a good helmet. Make sure you choose the right size to provide you comfort and security at the same time.


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Can you wear shorts on an ATV?

ATV riding with shorts


When riding an ATV, you should wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Riding ATVs is all bout moving around and having full control of your body movements. Hence the reason why you need to wear long pants to move freely in your ATV. While driving  an ATV, you are exposed to the sun, the extreme wind, the obstacles that can come in your way, like trees. Therefore, you should protect your skin from any injuries. 


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Do you need riding boots for ATV?

Riding boots are essentials in any open vehicle like ATVs. They protect your feet from dirt, water, branches in the way and any other obstacles you could face. You should consider buying waterproof boots, heavy-duty so that they are durable, and boots with a secure grip. You can always wear a boot cover to protect your boots from dirt, water and even snow.

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What do you wear to an ATV mudding?

It is recommended that you wear gear at all times when riding, especially in mud. Ensure that your clothes do not get dirty while enjoying the ride. 

One piece of equipment you must have on you is a boot/shoe cover. Most people do not want to get their shoes dirty especially if they are expensive. Therefore, to ensure that your shoes do not get damaged, consider purchasing a boots cover. 


ATV mudding gear

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What do you wear on a UTV trail ride?

There is no specific gear for UTV riders; however, here are some necessary tips about what to wear on a UTV trail ride.

Always wear a long sleeve shirt to protect yourself from debris, as well as prolonged sun exposure.

Don't forget to wear a waterproof riding jacket to protect your clothing. When driving in cold weather, ensure that you wear a heated jacket liner to keep you warm. 

A helmet is always necessary for riders as it will protect your head from serious injuries. 


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What should I carry on my ATV?

Some essential tools to have when riding an ATV:


Usually, when you ride on your ATV, you tend to go to places away from the city and downtown, maybe for hunting, camping or any other activity outside the town. Therefore, you will most likely not find a restaurant or a supermarket on your way and it's necessary to bring food with you. You need to consider getting food items that will not need much space, like energy bars, chocolate, chips, juice, etc.

Extra Fuel

Many of us forget to bring extra fuel with us when riding in ATVs, thinking we won’t need it. The truth is we do. Pack some extra gas cans and keep it in your ATV compartment.

You won’t find a gas station in the middle of the trail or anywhere in it, so you can’t top up when you’re running out. Even when you think you’re only going on a short ride, and especially in an unfamiliar trail, pack some extra gas cans and keep it in your ATV compartment.

It will not only save you from having to walk back to camp or your truck, but also save your engine from potential damage. Keep in mind that a dry gas tank is dangerous for your engine.

Tow Strap & Winch

If you ride out often, your ATV or someone else’s in your group is bound to get stuck at one point. This is where a tow strap in your ATV gear comes in.

Not only that, but you can also use it for other purposes. For example, you can use it to drag a deer, move a fallen tree, remove trail obstacles, or much more if you’re a creative thinker.

A winch also comes in handy if you get stuck in the snow or mud, which is what a winch does better than a tow strap. Furthermore, you can also use it to load the ATV into your truck or trailer

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Do you need a helmet to ride a quad?

Unlike conventional bike laws, which state that a rider only has to be 16 years old to take to the road, quad bike laws are different.

A quad bike (also known as an all-terrain vehicle or ATV) can only be ridden by someone who has passed their car driving test, holds a full driving license, and is at least 17 years old.

Helmets are necessary for your safety; therefore,  you should consider always protecting yourself from any injuries and unexpected accidents


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