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Looking for a way to protect your snowmobile from the elements during storage or trailering? Our snowmobile covers strike the perfect balance between affordability and durability. Follow each cover's sizing chart to ensure a snug fit on your sled or give us a ring if you have any doubts about which one will fit. Trailerable covers can be used for storage, but storage covers cannot be used for trailering.
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Trailerable Touring Snowmobile Cover
Trailerable Touring Snowmobile Cover
  • From $119.95
SKU 300188-1
Pro-Shelter Garage - Gears Canada
Pro-Shelter Garage
  • From $350.00
SKU 100220-6
Rev Touring Cover - Gears Canada
Rev Touring Snowmobile Cover
  • $69.99
SKU 300172-1
Snowmobile Storage Cover (Universal Fit)
  • From $54.99
SKU 300149-1

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Rev 1UP (2008-2014) Cover - Gears Canada
Rev 1UP (2008-2014) Snowmobile Cover
  • $99.99
SKU 300186-1


Rev 1UP (2003-2009) Cover - Gears Canada
Rev 1UP (2003-2009) Snowmobile Cover
  • $119.99
  • $99.99
SKU 300173-1