Can-Am Ryker Cover

A rugged waterproof cover suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Compatible with all Rykers, including the 600, 900, Sport, and Rally models.


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🏍️ Perfect Fit for All Rykers: This storage cover is designed to fit all models of the Can-Am Ryker, even with a windshield or other accessories installed. It is compatible with the Ryker 600, 900, Sport, and Rally.

🔒 Tight & Secure: The elastic cord that runs along the edge of the cover is - on its own - strong enough to prevent the cover from blowing away in windy conditions. Additionally, the cover has webbing that you can pass beneath your Ryker to lock it in place.

🛡️ Ultimate Waterproof Protection: Leaves, dust, and rain simply slide off. The seams are electronically heat-sealed and double stitched, which makes this cover 100% waterproof. Cheaper competitors don't use heat-sealing tape along the seams; hence, their covers are only water-resistant, not waterproof.

☀️ UV Shielding: Did you know that the black plastic components of your Ryker are very sensitive to UV light? This is the first place paint begins to fade. Our Ryker Storage Cover has a UV coating that protects the black paint from harsh ultraviolet radiation.

🌬️ Ventilation System: The innovative ventilation system minimizes condensation build-up and allows for air circulation, keeping your Ryker dry.

💎 Soft Windshield Liner: We've added an extra-soft lining on the interior of this cover where it touches the windshield; this ensures that your Ryker's windshield stays in pristine condition.

🎒 Easy to Fold & Store: The Can-Am Ryker Storage Cover comes with a free compression bag, making it easy to fold and stow away when not in use.





To avoid tearing, you should put the cover on the rear end first, and work your way to the front.

1) Spread the cover out on a flat surface to identify its rear end
2) Ensure the side view mirrors on your Ryker are sticking straight out
3) Unzip the cover's windshield opening
4) Stretch the rear end of the cover over the rear wheel, just covering the top half of the wheel
5) Gradually pull the cover over the side view mirrors
6) Continue pulling the cover over the two front wheels
7) Tie the webbings on each side around the footpegs

Other important warnings

• Don't install the cover if your exhaust pipe is hot
• Don't tow your Ryker with the cover on
• Don't expose the cover to direct sunlight for a long period of time
• Accessories that significantly alter the shape of your Ryker may prevent the cover from fitting properly or damage it

Removing & Cleaning the Cover

To remove the cover, pull the front of the cover up over the handlebars, then pull the rear portion up towards the seat.

Cleaning your cover
• Do not machine wash or dry clean
• Hose down the interior and exterior of the cover using cold water and a mild detergent, then spread it out on a flat surface to let dry

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