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Shop our balaclavas for full-face and neck covering. Choose from a variety of balaclavas for warmth or opt for a CoolMax® Balaclava to stay cool and dry. Under helmet design for motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV riders to wear.
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Black Cotton balaclava
Black Cotton Balaclava
  • From $6.99
SKU 300130-1-parent


Coolmax black balaclava
CoolMax® Balaclava
  • $33.99
  • From $12.99
SKU 300128-1-parent


Blue, red, pink and black balaclavas
Thermaltex Balaclava
  • $27.99
  • From $6.99
SKU 300129-1-parent


Features of Antifreeze Balaclava
Antifreeze Balaclava
  • $49.99
  • From $29.99
SKU 300125-1-parent
Multifunctional Balaclava - Gears Canada
Convertible Multifunctional Balaclava
  • $9.99
SKU 300222-1
Antifreeze Breath Deflector Balaclava - Gears Canada
2-in-1 Balaclava & Neck Dickey
  • $29.99
SKU 300213-1
Man wearing black balaclava
  • $9.99
SKU 300121-1
Black polar balaclava
Polar Balaclava
  • $11.99
SKU 300147-1
Black balaclava
Stretchme Balaclava
  • From $13.99
SKU 300181-1-parent