Black Cotton Balaclava

Get all-season protection against the elements with this simple black cotton balaclava. Its non-bulky, low-profile construction with flat seams allows it to fit comfortably under any helmet and makes it a breeze to fold and store.


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Design, construction, and care

  • Made of 100% sustainably sourced hypoallergenic organic cotton
  • Long U-shaped neck for comfort and mobility
  • Flat-seamed construction eliminates chafing or pressure points when worn under a helmet
  • Machine washable
  • One size fits all


  • Outdoor activities: Hikers, campers, bikers, runners, skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts often wear our Black Cotton Balaclava to protect themselves from wind, cold, and sunburn.
  • Sports headwear: Our Black Cotton Balaclavas are used in sports like motorcycling, ATVing, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, paintball, karting, mountaineering, and airsoft to protect the face from debris, dust, and wind while maintaining breathability. In these cases, wearing a cotton balaclava is essential because it protects the inside of your helmet from sweat.
  • Military: Military personnel and law enforcement officers use our black cotton balaclavas in cold weather or during tactical operations to conceal their identities and shield their faces from debris and the elements.
  • Fashion accessory: Some people wear our Black Cotton Balaclavas as a fashion statement, often pairing them with streetwear, urban, or edgy outfits.
  • Costume or disguise: Our Black Cotton Balaclavas can be used as part of a costume for Halloween or other events, as well as for disguises in situations where anonymity is desired.
  • Workwear: Workers in cold storage facilities, construction, or other outdoor occupations might wear these balaclavas to protect their faces and heads from harsh weather conditions.
  • Protests and activism: During demonstrations, protestors or activists can use this balaclava to hide their identities, particularly in circumstances where anonymity is crucial for their personal safety or to avoid recognition.
  • Survival gear: This balaclava is often included in emergency preparedness kits for use in extreme weather conditions or in the event of a natural disaster.


  • The more you buy the more you save! Choose from a single balaclava, 2-pack, 3-pack, or 12-pack (which includes a display box).

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