Everything about heated clothing

Heated Clothing FAQS

Read on to find out everything you need to know about heated clothing.


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Everything about heated clothing

What is heated clothing?

The best way to warm up on cold winter days is not layering up but wearing heated clothing. Usually powered by a rechargeable battery, a heating element is weaved into the garment itself in places where you lose the most heat. As a result, you’ll be able to stay warm even in the extreme weather and enjoy your adventure!

Heated clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, including :

  • Jackets
  • Vests
  • Gloves
  • Leg chaps


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Is heated clothing safe?

Absolutely, heated apparel is made from wires separated by a waterproof membrane, making them safe to use in damp conditions. Therefore, your skin does not have direct contact with the wires. So don't worry, heated clothing is safe for you!


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How does heated clothing work?

There are various types of heated clothing for your cold days with wires or cordless. Heated apparel that has built-in batteries is made to warm your body. Most of the heated clothing has adjustable features, like single and dual temperature controller. The clothing pieces made with wires are the ones that you need to connect to your 12V battery in your snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle for non-stop heat while riding.

Small built-in wires go from the battery to the heating elements to warm your body. The wires are typically made of ZEPTO® fibre technology, so they are very lightweight and unnoticeable. Most heated clothing has three heating elements. For example, a jacket, a vest or a hoodie has two chest panels and one back.

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How long does heated clothing last?

Most heated jackets can last between six and eight hours on the low setting. You only may get two or three hours on a high level, so you might consider purchasing a spare battery or two. Most 7.4v garments will power for around 2-8 hours, depending on heat setting and external conditions. Many jackets and vests can be powered for almost double this time with an extended-life battery, available separately.



GEARS heated vest liner


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How to charge heated clothing?

Most heated clothing has a rechargeable battery to extend the heat in the apparel. Heated apparel also has an LED display, which indicates how much battery is remaining on a scale of 1-9. That way, you know when to charge your battery.

How long the battery lasts depends on the setting you select (the higher the setting, the shorter the battery lasts) and how many heating elements your clothing has. The heat duration will depend on what product is being powered and the heat level; reference the Lithium Battery ZR5 User's Manual for more detail on battery life.


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Can you wash heated clothing?

The good news is that you can wash your heated apparel; just be careful to follow these easy steps to ensure you don't ruin your clothes:


Step 1: Remove the batteries.

Ensure you remove all batteries from your heated clothing before washing it as it cannot be submerged in water. In order to maintain the excellent shape of your clothing, you must ensure the wires are intact. 


Step 2: Close zippers.

Closing the zippers would ensure that the power cable is safe and protect them in the washing cycle.


Step 3: Machine-wash it 

  • No dry cleaning.  It is recommended to wash your heated apparel at home rather than at the dry cleaner's.  
  • Cold and gentle cycle. Be very soft with your heated apparel when washing it as you don't want to ruin it. Make sure to set your machine to gentle cycle and soak it in cold water. 
  • Do not bleach: Bleach will damage your heated clothing, so we definitely do not recommend doing this.
washing heated clothing


 Step 4: Line dry 

We don't recommend twisting your clothes to dry them as it will damage the wiring. Instead, we recommend you line dry your clothing to ensure it keeps the shape as it was before washing it. 


Step 5: You're all set!

You're ready to wear your favorite heated clothing and enjoy your adventure!

Now you know how to wash your heated clothing properly.


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Are heated jackets worth it?

Definitely, heated clothing is an essential factor for your safety. It will keep you warm and protect you from having frostbite. In order for you to have fun and enjoy the adventure, you must stay warm. Getting a heated jacket will warm your torso, one of your body parts that needs heat.

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What is the best heated clothing?

The best-heated clothing you should consider getting is the ones that are durable and have built-in batteries to allow you to have more heat. Heated clothing comes in many different styles like gloves, liners, jackets, socks and much more. All of these must be comfortable and durable so you can maximize their benefits.

GEARS heated gloves

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Where to buy heated clothing?

There are various places you can get them. At Gears Canada, we provide you with some affordable heated clothing made for those seeking non-stop heat when riding on motorcyclists, snowmobilers, and ATVers.

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Where to buy batteries for heated clothing?

Heated clothing works with built-in batteries to keep you warm. However, just like any other heated product, you need to charge it. Many gear stores like Gears Canada that sell heated apparel, also provide rechargeable batteries.                                                                       


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