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How to Ease Wrist Pain on Long Motorcycle Rides

Have you experienced wrist pain on long motorcycle rides? It can put a damper on your adventure. If you’re heading out on a motorcycle trip, there are a few ways you can alleviate the strain from constantly having to hold the throttle in place.

What’s causing the Pain?

Constantly bending your wrists and putting weight on them during your ride causes strain to build up over time. On top of that, you could have a condition such as carpal tunnel or tendonitis, which results in inflammation and pain.

Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do on your own to help ease the pain:

Add Attachments to your Handlebars

  • Add padded or gel grips to reduce vibrations and absorb some of the movement
  • Add weighted bar ends, which will also help steady vibrations and movement, making it easier on your hands 
  • Install a Throttle Lock for easy cruise control. Products such as GEARS’ ‘Easy Cruise Control Handlebar Throttle Lock’ add cruise control to your motorcycle, allowing you to set it to a certain speed and keep it there without having to twist the throttle. It also includes a rubber ring with additional friction. This prevents accidental changes in speed.
Easy Cruise Control Handlebar Throttle Lock

Adjust the Reach and Angle of your Levers

If your clutch lever is too low or harder for you to reach, it may cause unnecessary strain on your hands and by extension your wrists. There are a couple of things you can do to correct this:

  • Loosen up the clips to your clutch and brake levers. Try adjusting them by moving them up or down to find the position they're most comfortable for you.

  • Adjust the handlebar angle by moving it half an inch forward or backwards each time. 
Motorcycle Handlebar Levers

Position Yourself Properly 

Wrist pain can also be a result of poor position/posture on your bike. Constantly locking your wrists in place can cause strain on your nerves and joints. If you need to lean forward on your bike, make sure you're bending your elbows slightly to relieve some of this pressure. 

Do some Exercises to Strengthen

 We often don't think about exercises we can do to strengthen our grip. If this is a possibility for you, it may be worth it to do some light exercises a couple of times a week to help build some muscle. This will help alleviate some strain in the long run. This could be as simple as doing some wrist curls with light dumbbells, or some hand squeezing exercises. 

hand squeezing exercises

Source: FlintRehab

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, it provided you with the information you need so you can experience a pain-free long motorcycle ride. If you have any more questions, please leave your: name, email, and comment in the fields below. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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