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Snowmobile Gear & Accessories FAQs

Read on to find out everything you need to know about snowmobile gear.


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What gear do I need for snowmobiling?

Gear is essential for protecting yourself from getting injured and also from extreme weather. In winter, it is crucial to wear essential gear to protect you from getting frostbite. Here are some recommendations:

Heated Clothing 

Getting the right equipment ensures your safety as well as your enjoyment. Enjoying the ride requires you to be comfortable while staying safe. Therefore, heated clothing is necessary when you are going on a winter adventure; it will keep you warm. There are many heated clothing options like heated jacketsheated vests, heated gloves and much more. 

Heated clothing for snowmobiling


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What is the best snowmobile gear?

The best snowmobile gear that you can get is the heated jacket as it will keep you warm while you ride your snowmobile. Keeping your torso warm and comfortable is highest on the priority list for just about any rider. While all of the different styles do have their own defining features, there are some characteristics that you should look for in all snowmobile jackets. Here are some you should consider:

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable material
  • Windproof
  • Durable
  • Style & fit


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What do you wear under a snowmobile helmet?

You must wear a helmet whenever you drive or ride on a snowmobile or any kind of toboggan or sled towed by a snowmobile. Although you do not require a helmet when you operate a snowmobile on your own land, it is recommended that you wear one for safety reasons. The helmet must meet the standards approved for motorcycle helmets, or motor-assisted bicycle helmets, and must be fastened properly under the chin

As we all know, a good helmet is an essential piece of equipment, and one should always wear it when riding a snowmobile. The helmet keeps you warm and also protects your head from any accidents. But what should you wear underneath your helmet?

What to wear under a snowmobile helmet


Facemasks are vital to avoid getting frostbite, especially on chilly days. The facemask is necessary if your helmet is not full-faced. Balaclava facemasks made of silk and thin polyester are much more suitable than other fabrics because they are more comfortable and lightweight.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is crucial for your safety and may include goggles, visors and sunglasses. These accessories keep your eyes safe from snow, flying debris, tree limbs, and ice kicked up from other snowmobiles. These equipment pieces can also be handy to protect your eyes from watering due to cold weather or extreme wind.                                     


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Is there a difference between motorcycle and snowmobile helmets?

The snowmobile and the motorcycle helmets both play the same role in protecting you from serious accidents. The helmet's primary purpose is to shield the head from any significant injury like a brain hemorrhage or even concussion; these definitely would change your life dramatically.

Helmets also protect you from rain, wind, snow, surface debris, and tree limbs that can appear suddenly on your way. However, snowmobile helmets and motorcycle helmets differ in some ways shown below. 

If you’re planning on riding in temperatures below freezing, you can expect to deal with fog on your face shield or goggle lens if they aren’t meant for cold climates. Full face snowmobile helmets, including modular and dual sport styles, should include at least a double pane lens.


motorcycle helmet vs snowmobile helmet

A double-pane lens has an insulating layer of air that can drastically reduce fog from building up on the interior of your lens. Another lens choice is a double pane heated shield. These work just like the rear window defrost of your car by using a heating element.
Electrically heated shields are the absolute best defence against fog and frost from obstructing your vision when riding in cold temperatures.

The main difference between a motorcycle helmet and a snowmobile helmet is the addition of a double-pane lens (heated or non-heated) and a breath deflector to direct the condensation flow from the face shield or goggles.


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How long is a snowmobile helmet good for?

You can wear a helmet for as long as five seasons. Even if the helmet has met no crash, you should replace it because the protective shield offered by it might get outdated and expire. Not replacing the helmet after five seasons will compromise the helmet's safety and be dangerous for further trips.
Be sure to replace it when the helmet is damaged. But, make sure not to use it after five seasons even if it has no damage signs.

  • Outer shell – the other surface of your helmet is the hard covering that serves as the first layer of protection against impact. Usually, this is cast and contains fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. This part of the helmet is designed to avoid pointed objects from penetrating your skull.
  • EPS liner – EPS, also known as the expanded polystyrene liner, is the layer that is located under the shell of your snowmobile helmet. It provides a more comfortable helmet fit for riders.
  • EPS foam layer/comfort liner – the comfort liner is the foam layer seen on the ear part of your snowmobile helmet. Usually, this is covered by cloth or leather comfort liner pads.
  • Retention system – also called the chin straps, the retention system secures the helmet to the head of the person riding the snowmobile. Usually, these straps are made from nylon.


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How do I keep my feet warm while snowmobiling?

There are several ways to warm up your feet while enjoying your adventure, by layering up or wearing heated socks. The best way to ensure your feet stay warm is to consider getting heated socks. This way, you can enjoy your riding longer.


keep feet warm while snowmobiling



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What are the warmest snowmobile gloves?

The best snowmobile gloves are the ones that are windproof and waterproof. Having gloves that are comfortable with a soft material is essential. We recommend getting heated gloves for staying warm while riding in the snow. 


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What should I pack in my snowmobile backpack?

One of the top lists of items you should pack in your backpack is food and drinks. You can be going on a snowmobile adventure for hours; usually, winter getaways are not close to a supermarket or drugstores where you can get some food from. Therefore, you should think of packing food and water, as riding requires energy and most of the time, you will be dehydrated, so you should keep that in mind. 

Many of us forget to bring extra fuel with us when riding on a snowmobile, thinking we won’t need it. The truth is we do. 

Pack some extra gas cans and keep them in your snowmobile

You won’t find a gas station in the middle of the trail or anywhere in it, so you can’t top up when you’re running out.

It will protect your engine from potential damage. Keep in mind that a dry gas tank is dangerous for your machine.

If you ride out often, your snowmobile or someone else’s in your group is bound to get stuck at one point. Here is where a tow strap in your gear comes in.

Not only that, but you can also use it for other purposes. For example, you can use it to drag a deer, move a fallen tree, remove trail obstacles, or much more if you’re a creative thinker.

A winch also comes in handy if you get stuck in the snow or, which is what a winch does better than a tow strap. 


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How to measure for snowmobile cover?


How to measure for snowmobile cover

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Where to buy snowmobile gear?

If you are looking to optimize your next ride with snowmobile gear, we suggest you get heated clothing, snowmobile luggage, and other essentials.


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