A man wearing motorcycle balaclava

Reasons why you should wear Balaclavas under your Motorcycle Helmet

Balaclavas are close-fitting headgears covering the head and lower part of the face and exposing only part of the face, usually the eyes, nose, and mouth. While they can or should be worn for many purposes like skiing, go-karting, snowboarding, trekking, and more, motorcycling is most important. Warmth, comfort, helmet pad protection are a few reasons behind wearing a motorcycle balaclava.

Stay tuned to learn about all the reasons why you need a balaclava while riding a motorcycle.

  • Protection from Weather
  • Helmet Pads Protection
  • Performance and Comfort

Reason #1: Protection from Weather

Motorcycle balaclava helps you defy the elements: wind, cold, snow, dirt, or UV. Just slip it on under your helmet to insulate your face, neck, and head against harsh weather conditions. Depending on the type and material of the balaclava you choose, they can be a perfect solution for motorcycle riders by:

  • Keeping you cooler and wicking away moisture and sweat in hot weather conditions
  • Helping you stay warmer when it’s cold
  • Keeping the wind off your face and neck by acting as a wind blocker
  • Reducing wind noise
  • Protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging rays
  • Keeping dust and dirt out of your mouth
Motorcycle riding with dust in the air


Note that balaclavas are made from a variety of fabrics such as wool, nylon, silk, fleece, and more. Always make sure that the motorcycle balaclava you choose fits your purpose. For instance, most nylon balaclavas provide strong protection against wind, while those made from wool offer great warmth and comfort.

Reason #2: Helmet Pads Protection

Although most helmet pads are washable or replaceable, you’ll want to extend the life of your helmet and save money. That’s why you must wear a balaclava under your motorcycle helmet to protect it from wear and tear caused by hair sprays, makeup stains, or other products causing bacteria to accumulate. It is also good for hygienic reasons if you tend to exchange your helmets with other motorcycle riders.

Make sure your selected motorcycle balaclava is helmet-compatible and fits well because you don’t want to adjust it every time you take your helmet off.

Reason #3: Performance and Comfort

As mentioned above, motorcycle balaclavas, if chosen wisely, can help you ride comfortably regardless of the weather. Also, you can experience a smoother ride because:

  • Your long hair will be kept in check
  • You won’t feel the helmet against your head skin if you are bald or going thin on top
  • Your helmet will slide on and off easier
  • You’ll feel much better if you are used to wearing earrings

Look for breathability, ergonomic designs, and maneuverability in a balaclava to ensure extra comfort.

Wrap it up

Motorcycle balaclava wearers are already aware of the benefits of this essential headwear, such as protection against harsh weather conditions, helmet pads protection, and comfort provision. Enhance your motorcycle ride now by choosing from GEARS selection of balaclavas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Use the comment section below to ask any questions and make us happy!



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