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Find the perfect snowmobile accessories and equipment including heated seat pads, seat heaters, tool bags, and much more || Seize your adventure!
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X-Tender Gel Seat Pad Cushion for Motorcycle, Snowmobile, and ATV - Gears Canada
X-Tender Gel Seat Pad Cushion
  • De $50.99
SKU 100309-1
Passenger Grab Belt - Gears Canada
Passenger Grab Handles
  • $24.99
SKU 100177-1


Universal Electric Shield Power Cord
  • $25.99
Deluxe Helmet Bag
  • $17.99
SKU 300132-1


Battery Guard Genie
  • $34.99
  • $17.99
SKU 100191-1
Dual USB Port Charger for Handlebar with 1 Inch RAM Ball Mount - Gears Canada
Chargeur à double port USB pour guidon avec support à bille RAM 1 pouce
  • $69.95
SKU 100366-1
Snowmobile Clutch Tool Bag with gears logo
Snowmobile Clutch Tool Bag
  • $39.99
SKU 300159-1
Dual USB to SAE Adapter - Gears Canada
Dual USB to SAE Adapter
  • $19.99
SKU 100315-1
Snowmobile Map Holder
  • $16.99
SKU 300163-1