About us

Whether it’s powersports, snowsports, hunting, or hiking, you love immersing yourself in the great outdoors.

Shivery temperatures?

Our customer happiness team can outfit you with headwear and heated clothing to keep you warm from head to toe.

Worried about precipitation?

Our waterproof rain gear will keep your entire body dry and comfortable.

Riding is one of your passions and part of your identity.

You strive to keep your beloved vehicle in pristine condition; but, the price of a cover from the vehicle's manufacturer is highway robbery!

Want to protect your ride?

A GEARS cover is affordable, yet durable enough to be the last one you buy.

Powersport vehicles aren’t just for fun; for many, they’re also a secondary mode of transportation.

Understandably, riders lament over the difficultly of packing everything necessary for the journey, let alone the destination.

Carrying a lot or a little?

Browse our collection of luggage bags, which are thoughtfully designed to reduce the frustration of organizing your stuff while keeping it accessible during the ride.

When you choose GEARS you’re not just getting a durable and thoughtfully designed product, you’re allowing yourself to #SeizeYourAdventure.


Premium-feeling, glossy sticker with strong adhesive. Looks cool on cars, powersport vehicles, laptops, or water bottles! Limited to three per order.


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