Heated Leg Chaps | Gen-X4 WIRING

If you intend on connecting the heated leg chap liner to the Gen-X3/X4 Heated Vest or Jacket you won't need to purchase any additional wiring. If you don't own a Gen-X3/X4 Heated Vest or Jacket, you'll need to purchase the Coax Battery Cord (SKU 100227-1). You also have the option to purchase the Single Temperature Controller (SKU 100230-1) if you'd like to fine-tune the temperature of the heated leg chap liner. Without a temperature controller, you'll only be able to turn it on or off using the built-in switch.

Seamless Connectivity

Pairs seamlessly with our heated insoles or heated socks via the convenient hideaway plugs at the end of each leg. These leg chaps come with a splitter, which allows you to add-on and power heated insoles via a single switch cord or single temperature controller (sold separately). The diagram below illustrates how to connect our heated clothing seamlessly. Gen-X3 and Gen-X4 are compatible with one another.


Seamless Connectivity for Heated Clothing


IMPORTANT NOTE: Gen-X3/X4 heating clothing is not backwards compatible with Gen-X2 heated clothing. Attempting to connect this item to Gen-X2 heated clothing will ruin it and VOID the warranty. Only heating elements are covered under warranty. Normal wear and tear is not a warrantable defect.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough on connecting various pieces of our heated clothing