Electric Heated Insoles | Gen-X4

Connect our electrically heated insoles directly to the 12V battery in your motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV to keep your feet warm while riding. Add a portable battery pack to keep the heat going when you're not on a powersport vehicle.

Cords:Just the heated insoles

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Hit play to hear our product engineer, Sandy, speak about this piece of heated apparel.
  • Constructed of lightweight EVA foam for enhanced comfort
  • The carbon fibre heating element covers the entire foot area and delivers uniform heat
  • Anti-slip material beneath the insole prevents it from sliding around
  • Can be switched from one shoe to the other
  • Can be trimmed with scissors to fit any boot size

NOTE: We recommend that you wear a windproof and waterproof boot for maximum heat retention.

Need helping deciding which cords to buy? We've made it easy to buy all the cords you need from this page. You will likely fall into one of the four scenarios below:

  1. Just the heated insoles –– you are a motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV rider that already owns heated leg chaps or pants that have a female coax output at the bottom.
  2. Add 1 Y-switch-cord –– you are a motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV rider that doesn't own heated leg chaps or pants, but already has a some other piece of heated clothing
  3. Add 1 Y-switch-cord & 1 Coax Battery Cord –– you are a motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV rider that doesn't own any other pieces of heated clothing
  4. Add 1 Y-switch-cord & 1 Male RCA to Female RCA Adapter & 1 Male RCA to Female Coax and Female RCA Adapter –– you are a snowmobile rider that has an RCA plug on your sled

Click here to view the PDF instruction manual in a new tab.

Optional Portable Battery Add-on

Consider purchasing one of our Heated Clothing Portable Battery Kits (SKU 100268-1) if you'd like to use your heated insoles when you get off your vehicle. In other words, a portable battery will allow you to use these insoles while skiing, snowboarding, or just taking a walk on a cold day.





IMPORTANT NOTE: Gen-X3/X4 heating clothing is not backwards compatible with Gen-X2 heated clothing. Attempting to connect this item to Gen-X2 heated clothing will ruin it and VOID the warranty. Only heating elements are covered under warranty. Normal wear and tear is not a warrantable defect.

Seamless Connectivity Diagram

If you own other pieces of Gears heated clothing, you can easily add this to your setup! The diagram below illustrates how to connect our heated clothing seamlessly. Gen-X3 and Gen-X4 are compatible with one another. Note that the heated jacket in the diagram below can be swapped with the heated vest.

Seamless Connectivity for Heated Clothing

Watch the video below for a walkthrough on connecting various pieces of our heated clothing 


Q: What are the specs?

A: Connects to a 12-volt battery, provides 14.5 watts of heat and draws 1.2 amps/pair.


Q: Will this work alongside other brands of heated clothing?

A: Yes! All our heated clothing is compatible with Firstgear, Gerbing, Warm & Safe, and Venture Heat. If you own heated leg chaps from another brand that have male connectors near the bottom and you want to use these heated insoles, then you will need an adapter (SKU 100386-1) to connect them.


Q: What is the difference between Gen-X3 and Gen-X4?

A: Gen-X3 uses a copper-based heating element (made in the USA), whereas Gen-X4 uses Zepto fibres (made in France). Thus, Gen-X4 heats up faster, generates more heat, and is lighter. Both are amazing products, but Gen-X4 is just a little bit of an upgrade!

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