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Stay warm and safe in the field with our shortlist of heated clothing and accessories handpicked for hunters.
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9 products found in Hunting Apparel

Heated Glove Liners | Gen-X4
Heated Glove Liners | Gen-X4
  • $76.99
SKU 100318-1


ZR5 Heated Clothing Portable Battery Kit
Heated Clothing Portable Battery Kits
  • $169.99
  • From $119.95
SKU 100314-1
Male to female dual coaxial adapter
Male Coax to Dual Female Coax Adapter
  • $18.99
SKU 100229-1


Electric Heated Socks
Heated Socks | Gen-X4
  • $99.99
  • From $89.99
SKU 100274-1
Gen-X4 Heated Vest Liner-Heated Apparel-Gears Canada
Heated Vest Liner | Gen-X4
  • $139.99
SKU 100312-1
Snap on harness and its length
Snap-on Harness for Heated Gloves/Glove Liners
  • $19.99
SKU 100226-1
Black switch cord with length description
Y-switch-cord for Heated Socks/Insoles
  • $19.99
SKU 100233-1
Black cord with length
Y-switch-cord for Heated Gloves & Glove Liners
  • $29.99
SKU 100228-1
High Viz Helmet Skin
  • $20.99
SKU 200109-1